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microplant can offer a range of micro excavators weighing from 800 kg to 3 tonnes and mini dumpers.

Easy Access

The smallest machine; the Kubota K-008 allows easy access through the tightest of spaces. The roll cage collapses and the tracks hydraulically pull in to a width of 700mm to enable this machine to pass through a standard house doorway. This means you can drive it through your house and into the back garden.

It has many uses such as: -

  • Digging drains in narrow alleyways
  • Garden landscaping
  • Demolishing old outbuildings
  • Digging shed, extension or conservatory foundations
  • Excavating a pond
The Kubota K-008 and Hinowa 850 Dumper

The K-008 is versatile, easy to use and saves you from backbreaking work. It's also fantastic value to hire. You will never want to use a shovel or pick again.

To compliment the K-008 is the Hinowa 850 tracked dumper which will go everywhere that the K-008 will. The barrow also elevates high enough to tip into a 8 cubic metre waste skip.

Enhanced Control
The Kubota KX 36-2A is a 1.4 tonne machine with full cab and is enhanced by the ergonomically-designed control lever layout for smoother operation with reduced driver fatigue.
Powerful Machine
The KX 71 is a 3 tonne machine with full cab and is an extremely powerful machine for digging foundations, drains, pathways and will fulfil any requirement that you could ask of it.
Agricultural Implements

microplant also has a range of agricultural machinery for hire such as Landmec KM22 Drum Mower, Sitrex HM 300 Tedder-Rake, 2.5 metre grass topper and other tractor mounted implements. A 3.2 metre working width weedwiper


All machines come with a full range of buckets to suit any task.

Conditions of hire are as per CPA Terms and Conditions.

All machines are self drive but can be supplied with operators if required.

microplant is also able to supply, through our association with other hire companies, anything from tools to very large excavators and related machinery.

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